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Successful professionals in the Web/multimedia field demonstrate the following behaviors:

  • Effectively use images to convey 5000 words
  • Effectively connect a target audience to a client's mission
  • Use a strong design process by producing an effective, informative and graphical structure in constructing dynamic media applications
  • Adapt quickly to changes and evolving differences occurring in media environments

This course will strive to build skills that lead to the development of these long-term behaviors.


The primary learning objectives we will focus on in this course are:

  • To develop strong web design techniques
  • To use the course delivery tool, Educator
  • To create an effective information structure for a website
  • To create a visually appealing website
  • To apply the web design process in a “real-life” situation
  • To develop techniques for keeping abreast of the ever-changing Web and Internet
  • To understand the implications of new advancements and their impact on web design
  • To learn different roles involved in website development process and the web designer’s role in the development team
  • To understand the variables of the Web and implications to web design
  • To model techniques within the instruction of the course



At the end of the course, student's will be able to:

  • Access online course materials quickly and use the communication tools within Educator
  • Assess the effectiveness of web design
  • Understand the possibilities and limitations of web design and strategies to follow to overcome these limitations and maximize the possibilities
  • Create a logical, balanced information design process
  • Create visually appealing graphics that are optimized effectively for the web
  • Develop visual appealing web pages that demonstrate strong page architecture and interface design
  • Understand advantages and disadvantages of using different media on the web—animation, video, sound
  • Determine when and why different interactive techniques should be used in web design
  • Understand different roles and importance of each in the web design process
  • Develop an effective, visually appealing site that connects the audience to the client's mission and demonstrates knowledge of the web design process
  • Build community/learn Educator
  • Assessment of web sites
  • Determination of possibilities and limitations of web design
  • Design Process:
    • Goal definition (determine what needs to be communicated
    • Information Design/Architecture
    • Storyboard Page Design
  • Graphic Compression
  • Production Process:
    • Content Creation:
      • Graphics
      • Typography & editorial style
      • Using different media
    • Scripting and Programming:
      • Layout using tables
      • Layout using Dynamic HTML
      • Layout using frames
      • Adding interactivity
    • Testing and Approval
  • Distribution Process: Publishing and Marketing
  • Major Project
  • Weekly lessons and assignments will be posted before 7 PM Monday, however, our goal is to be at least one week ahead in these postings.
  • Weekly assignments/activities will be due at midnight the following Monday except for spring break. However, many times there are multiple components to the activities, so you may be required to post messages to the Discussion Board earlier in the week to provide time to see each others postings before completing the assignment.
  • For a complete breakdown of the due dates, review the schedule.
Major Project
(Website Development):
Points % of Grade

Design Process:
Goal Definition

100 10%

Design Process: Information Design

200 20%

Production Process: Visual Design & Page Development

200 20%

Overall Concept & Design Success

200 20%

Class Portfolio

100 10%
Class Participation: Communication/Group Activity 200 20%

The Unusually Useful Web Book
by June Cohen

Robin Williams Web Design Workshop
by Tollett, Williams & Rohr

The book is available at the KVCC Bookstore!

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