Principles of Web Design

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Maintaining Your Site: Promoting Your Site

Step 1   In your Cohen book, read pages 268-308

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There isn't much to say here except to make sure you realize what happens when you publish, what information do you need from your ISP, and what tools are available to do this.

To begin with the most common method of publishing is using an FTP or File Transfer Protocol client. When you are publishing you basically are transferring files from one computer (your personal computer) to another computer (a web server).  Most popular web editors have a built-in FTP client, allowing you to publish directly from your application. FrontPage uses in own proprietary protocol, therefore you need to make sure your hosting server has FrontPage server extensions available for you to use.  FrontPage allows you the option to FTP your pages but this option needs to be set up on the server or ISP.

The key point when publishing is to test all your pages online after they have been published to make sure everything works correctly. It is common for links not to function the same or for graphics not to be uploaded. Check, check, and double-check.

One more thing... we recommend that you initially publish to a test area or create a test folder and publish there. (For now you can use your web account and overwrite this with your final project.) Only let those who need to test the site (and your client for final approval - once you've tested it though) view this area before placement at the final destination.


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