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Nintendo 64 console

The Nintendo 64, often abbreviated as N64, can be considered either Nintendo's last classic console, or their first modern one. While I personally consider it more of the former rather than the latter, it's included here because it marked several important benchmarks for Nintendo's home consoles. Furthermore, many modern game play elements can have their roots traced back to games on the Nintendo 64, albeit often in a rougher form.



Originally called the Ultra 64, the Nintendo 64 was primarily the result of two factors, increased competition from Sega, and the heavy focus on making more powerful gaming systems that sprung up in the mid to late 90s.


By far the bigger of those two factors however, was the obsession Genesis adfrom both consumers and the games industry in making more technically impressive and superior consoles. I like to call this era of the game industry "The Bit Rush" .This bit-centric mindset was the result of increasing console capabilities opening up new gameplay experiences never seen before, as well as aggressive direct marketing campaigns by competing companies. In this time, "more bits" became practically a shorthand for "better."


After all, why would you settle for the dinky 8-bit NES when the Sega Genesis has 16-bits! What's that? Nintendo's new SNES is a 16-bit system? That's nothing! The Sega 32x has a whopping 32-bits! The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo's response to this craze. The fact it's a 64-bit system is even in the consoles name!


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