Learning Objectives for Humanities 101:


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:


1.     Know the characteristics of different periods and styles of art, architecture and music.

1.1  Match artworks to period and style.

1.2  Describe the cultural and stylistic contexts within which different artworks are created.

1.3  Define what is meant by period and style in reference to specific artworks.

1.4  Identify different periods and styles of art and architecture.


2.     Analyze works of art and music for structure and meaning.

2.1  Infer the meaning of a work without prior knowledge of it.

2.2  Break down verbally or diagram the structure of a work of art.

2.3  Relate the structure and meaning of a work of art to its historical and cultural context.

2.4  Identify artworks based on analysis of  structure and/or meaning.


3.     Judge the value of a work of art based on both internal and external criteria.

3.1  Evaluate artworks based on informed personal opinions.

3.2  Evaluate artworks based on critical analysis by recognized authorities.

3.3  Incorporate internal and external criteria into written analyses of artworks.

3.4  Differentiate between personal taste and informed evaluation.


4.     Apply concepts and principles discussed in class to new experiences with the arts.

4.1  Produce a detailed report on an experience with the arts.

4.2  Produce a detailed report on an individual artist.

4.3  Demonstrate how concepts and principles discussed in class apply to particular report subjects.

4.4  Discover connections between report subjects and concepts and principles discussed in class.


5.     Connect works of art from the past to work by contemporary artists.

5.1  Trace the evolution of contemporary art.

5.2  Relate specific artists and works of the past to specific contemporary artists and works.

 5.3  Speculate on the sources of contemporary art.

5.4  Explain the motivations and concerns of contemporary artists.


6.     Appreciate good art.

6.1  Differentiate between good and bad art.

6.2  Explain the value of various artworks.

6.3  Exclude subjective criteria from value judgments.

6.4  Share considered opinions about artworks with the class.