English as a Second Language - at KVCC (being revised 9/2002)

KVCC offers a  variety of courses in Reading and Writing in a non-intensive format.  To best benefit from the courses an individual should have advanced beginning or intermediate level proficiency in the language.  Courses are aimed at remediating an individual who is preparing for college work.  They are offered as there is sufficient enrollment.  (Add info re to Testing as part of advising.... in house tests)... click here..)

  • ESL 090 ESL "Listening Practice I" offered as a telecourse;
  • ESL 091- English as a Second Language I - Grammar Review (under construction)
  • ESL 101 ESL II - Writing/Grammar
  • ESL 093 - Reading/Vocabulary/Spelling
  • New Class for Summer 2003 ESL ___ - Speaking
  • ESL 103 Reading in ESL - II  - Last taught 1995 (under re- construction)
  • Classes that have as their purpose assisting individuals to develop listening skills are under development during Summer 2000.  Look for more information starting Fall 2000. (under construction)

For information about registering for ESL classes or to enter KVCC, contact Registration (269-488-4281). The staff might ask you about your citizenship and residency in the U.S. If you have an International Studentís Visa, the College has specific requirements.



Western Michigan Universityís Career English Center: The only place with intensive ESL offerings. All levels of English study in many areas is offered.   A good place to seek a list of possible tutors for one on one work.  Call 616-387-4800.

For Beginning and some Intermediate level class, you could contact the following. These classes might be free of charge or "low charge".

Hispanic American Council (primarily but not only for Spanish speaking individuals of a wide range of ages and educational backgrounds). Call _____ , 616-385-6279.

Kalamazoo Adult Education. Contact Doug Wood, 616-337-0422.

Portage Community Education. Contact _____, 616-324-1939.  I've heard they have 3 levels.

There is a Kaplan Testing that is doing some ESL mostly testing I understanding.  The organization is located in downtown Kalamazoo.   That is all I know.

I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have questions, please contact me. My office is Rm 7370 Texas Township Campus; Phone 269-488-4482; E-mail: scutler@kvcc.edu.

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